Summer Travel Tips

Sun rays and sound waves over here at AUS! We want you to break a sweat out on the beach, not in the terminal this summer travel season. That’s why we got some big boy fans installed in the terminal. Our airport is only getting cooler and cooler between new nonstop services and new air conditioning systems. 

A big fan

Now, if you’re running to catch your flight... we can’t help if you sweat. However, we can supply you with handy travel tips to prevent a race to the gate. Last summer, we set our record of 2,040,981 passengers in one month! So, trust us when we advise you to arrive early because the terminal can get busy, it's better to have time to spare than miss your flight.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint – Arrive Early!

Breeze through security – Pack Properly!

Starting on May 8, the following updates will be made to TSA Checkpoints: Checkpoint 3 is closed as of February 2024 and will remain closed while construction is ongoing on the West Infill project (est. completion 2026). Travelers can visit our Journey With AUS Construction page to follow construction activities.

  • Screening for passengers with TSA Pre-Check and Clear is available at Checkpoint 2 West.

  • Travelers without PreCheck or Clear should use Checkpoints 1 or 2 East for general screening.

  • Global Entry kiosks will also be available.

Refer to our travel tips page for more information about security, or refer to the images below:

A map with directions to checkpoints.

If you’re unsure what items are accepted between carry-on and checked luggage, is a brilliant resource for directions on the proper way to pack. To check whether or not an item can be brought with you to the airport, use TSA’s searchable What Can I Bring? list.

  • Firearms are prohibited at TSA security checkpoints. Double check your carry-on before heading to the airport to ensure you are not accidentally traveling with your firearm through TSA. For more information about how to travel with a firearm, visit our Know Before You Go - Traveling with Firearms page.

  • Even if items are allowed, they are subjected to additional screening. If the item triggers an alarm during screening, the final decision is up to TSA if that item is allowed on board. For more detailed packing tips, watch our How to Pack video.

Know your game plan – Passenger Parking or Drop Off

Want to park at AUS? Visit to check real-time availability of our parking options. Starting May 19th, the option to reserve a parking space for the Red Garage, Blue Garage, and Economy Parking will be temporarily unavailable until August 10, 2024. This ensures all garage parking is available to all customers during peak summer travel. 

  • We encourage incorporating additional arrival time if you intend on using the shuttle service to the terminal, which runs approximately every 15-20 minutes.

  • You can use either the upper level for departures or the lower level for arrivals to drop off passengers. Remember, if you're picking up someone and the lower level for arrivals is quite crowded, you can have your passenger meet you at the upper level to be picked up.

  • Passengers flying Frontier and Allegiant are recommended to park on-site at the South Terminal.

  • Looking to rent a vehicle? Exit the Barbara-Jordan Terminal, take one of the marked pedestrian crosswalks, and follow the path of floating hollow concrete to the Rental Car Facility. You can also use the AUS digital map to track down the rental car facility or this digital document for detailed instructions.

The vacation can begin at AUS...

After you go through security, you can celebrate by enjoying food from our local restaurants accompanied by the sweet sound of live music performances echoing throughout the terminal! Whether you’re one for retail therapy or art therapy, we have plenty of options that can be located by step-by- directions on the AUS digital wayfinding map at

Averaging around 30 shows a week, AUS is excited to feature fantastic music from an array of talented Austin artists. You can skim a detailed schedule of our 8 music stages on the Live Music in the Air at AUS program webpage.

Of course, AUS will be scheduling additional Department of Aviation staff during peak busy periods to help in the terminal with line management, TSA support, and passenger navigation. We desire to provide a pleasant and safe experience at the airport for everyone. We ask that you remember to pack your patience, kindness, and consideration for people around you and AUS employees. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an airport employee.