Services that have been provided by the Development Assistance Center (DAC) in the past have been realigned, and staff roles now reside within the areas they represent. You will continue to have access to these staff experts for consultation and other Development Assistance Services needs. Below is a list of these staff experts and their contact information.


Austin Energy

Building Service Planning Applications (BSPA), Electrical Service Planning Applications (ESPA), and Distributed Generation Planning Applications (DGPA)

Bruce Crosby | 512-974-9112
Marvin Pace | 512-974-2632


Austin Water

General Info, Taps, Water & Wastewater Service Plan Verification (WWWSPV) AWTaps

Cory Harmon | 512-974-2882


Board of Adjustment 

Support | Diana Ramirez | 512-974-2241
Variances | Elaine Ramirez | 512-974-2202


Drainage Engineering and Water Quality

Environmental Consultations


Floodplain Consultations


Non-Peak Hours Concrete Installation Permit Application

Permit application for downtown concrete pours in off-peak hours

Fact sheet about concrete pours and noise requirements

Bryan Walker | 512-974-2686

Records & Research

For assistance in researching a property, please contact one of our research associates. If it is determined that the record needs to be retrieved from our archives, you will be instructed to complete a Public Information Request and a cost estimate will be provided to you.

Logan Frazier | 512-974-2655
Michael Mann | 512-974-6358


Retaining Walls

Jennifer Back | 512-974-6361


Sign Permits

For signs visible from the street right-of-way and used for advertising. Also, see Chapter 25-10 of the City Code.

Cierra Flores at 512-974-2612.


Site Plan Corrections/Exemptions

Glenn Rhoades | 512-974-2775
Sallie Correa | 512-974-9747

Site Plan Exemption Request Submittal


Subdivision/Land Status Determination

Subdivision Review

Land Status Determination Wizard


Temporary Use Permit

For short-term use of a property without an existing site plan or certificate of occupancy. See Chapter 25-2-921 of the City Code

Bryan Walker | 512-974-2686


Temporary Event Sound Permits

Bryan Walker | 512-974-2686


Transportation, Driveway, Sidewalk waivers, Site Plan, Commercial Design

Viktor Auzenne | 512-974-2941


Zoning, Site Plan, Change of Use

Glenn Rhoades | 512-974-2775


Forms & Applications