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Our Mission

The Education Department within the Emma S. Barrientos - Mexican American Cultural Center seeks to provide dynamic, innovative, and socially relevant programming that preserves, creates, and promotes Mexican American and Latinx cultural arts and heritage. For more information, email lori.navarrete@austintexas.gov.

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Siembra Virtual Spring Break Camp

Spring Break Camp

You can still view the lessons from home, for free, at your convenience:

Lesson 1- Digital Art 
Lesson 2- Digital Comics 
Lesson 3- Music Sequencer
Lesson 4- Graffiti Art Design
Lesson 5- Animation


We're Hiring! Temporary/ Seasonal Staff Member for Summer Camp 2022!

Join the MACC Education Team!

The Museums and Cultural Programs division is looking for activity specialists to teach at our centers, including the ESB MACC! The position of "Activity Specialist – Cultural Arts" is a temporary/seasonal staff position scheduled to work between 20 and 40 hours per week in an After School or Summer Camp program setting. Successful applicants must demonstrate strong leadership, exhibit creative thinking, exercise good judgment, and have excellent communication skills. 

Application Link

Hiring Flyer


Siembra Spring Break Camp 2022

The ESB-MACC is proud to offer cultural arts youth camps for spring 2022!

Virtual Spring Camp, Siembra 2022 will serve students ages 8 - 12, Monday - Friday from 1 – 3pm. Siembra 2022 will explore Latinx history as well as introduce students to various arts techniques including (but not limited to): Digital Storytelling; Mixed Media; and Illustration. Siembra 2022 will be led by 2 activity specialist and an arts instructor to serve as their adult anchor. Please join us for a fun and safe Spring Camp!

Students will use the Spring Camp, Siembra 2022 zoom link to log into camp. Students will then be admitted into a waiting room, once instructors are ready to receive students they will be let in one-by-one. Live Instruction will take place via Zoom. Families will receive the Spring Camp, Siembra 2022 zoom link the Friday before camp start date.

Register now!


Cosecha Summer Camp June 6 through August 12 Mon-Fri 7:30-6, student aged 5-12

Cosecha Summer Camp 2022

The ESB-MACC is proud to offer cultural arts youth camps for Summer 2022. "Cosecha Summer Camp" serves students ages 5-12, Monday - Friday from 7:30am - 6pm for 10 weeks.

During this camp we’ll explore Latinx history as well as introduce students to various arts techniques including (but not limited to): Animation; Digital Storytelling; Axolotl Club; Mixed Media; Ballet Folklorico; Puppetry; Illustration; Music; and Theatre for Young Audiences. Cosecha 2022 will be poding all students into two with 2 activity specialist and an arts instructor to serve as their adult anchor to control the spread of Covid-19. 

$20 deposit will hold the week per participant (full cost of camp must be paid before first day of camp)
$120 per week for a resident (those who hold an Austin ZIP Code)
$200 per week for non-residents (those who don’t hold an Austin ZIP Code)

Please see all PARD Summer Camp information at this link.
Check this page for updates about the Cosecha Camp.
To be added to the Summer Camp waitlist, or for any questions, email Lori.Navarrete@austintexas.gov.

Refund / Cancellation Policy


Education Programs (DIGITAL)

The ESB-MACC is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. We thank the Smithsonian for hosting some of the online exhibitions below.

Here are some Useful Links, especially to the MACC's Education Collections on the Smithsonian Learning Lab!

If you participate in any of the MACC's digital programming below, please tag us on social media! Hashtag #ESBMACC and #MACCEDU on Facebook and Instagram.

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Check out these videos by the MACC Education Department for our La Mujer Festival, April 21-24, 2021!

Download Full Lesson Plan about Sor Juana!

Download a Selena Paper Doll, cut, and color at home!

Selena-Inspired Paper Doll Template



The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB-MACC) in affiliation with the Smithsonian Institute are proud to present the 2020 Figuralo, Youth Exhibit. Figuralo 2020 will showcase the exploration of artistic mediums through figurines, figurative images and figurative narratives. Figuralo 2020 went digital this year in December 2020-January 2021.




Watch Instructional Videos on Youtube!

If you are visiting this site through the Lending Library, click here for a list of lesson plans.

Anyone can access any of our Individual lessons, including the lending library lessons, below:

Lucha Libre/ Mexican Wrestling

Lucha Libre (Mexican Professional Wrestling) is known worldwide for its high-flying moves and colorful masks. This lesson will show how to make your own luchador mask using templates available for free in the links below:

View the full Lucha Libre Lesson!

Enter the Smithsonian Learning Lab!

Print the Lesson Plan & Mask Template!

Watch Instructional Video!

More Resources on This Lesson:
Teacher Guide 5-7 yearsTeacher Guide 8-10 years
Parent Guide (5-7 years)Parent Guide (8-10 years)


The Mythical Mexican Axolotl (Ajolote)

Learn about the Mythical Mexican Axolotl! Participants will create an understanding of the significance of the Axolotl while learning about the origins of the Axolotl. Participants will learn about the Environmental Injustice they face in Mexico City and all over the world.

View/ Print the Full Lesson Plan!

Print the Template!

Watch the Instructional Video!

View the Lesson Page


Mexican Milk Snake

Mexican Milk Snake: Participants will create and learn about the significance of the Mexican Milk Snake (between Texas and Mexico) and it’s unique facts. Students will create their own accordion snake.

View/ Print the Full Lesson Plan!

View the Lesson Page

Watch the Instructional Video!

Learn More About Borderland Wildlife!


Nature Self-Portrait

Nature Self Portrait: Participants will learn the importance of self-portraits, and while analyzing portraits of Latinx historical and contemporary figures. Participants will also use what they have learned to create portraits of themselves.

View/ Print the Lesson Plan!

Watch the Instructional Video!



Tecun Uman Masks

Tecun Uman Masks: Participants will create and decorate a mask inspired by the Tecún Umán masks of Guatemala, while learning about the history and meaning of Tecún Umán masks.

View/ Print the Full Lesson Plan!

Watch the Instructional Video!



Coloring Book and Gallery Tour

Coloring Book and Gallery Tour: Students will learn about the history of the MACC and consider what kind of art they would put on the gallery walls.

The free book,  "An Empowered Village and Its Citizens" is a coloring and activity book that tells of the history of the ESB-MACC and encourages children to envision what they would like to see take place at the Center.

View/ Print the Coloring Book (PDF)!

Watch this Live Reading of the coloring book!

Visit the Coloring Book Lesson page!

Take a Virtual Tour of the MACC!


The Rainforest/ La Selva: Lungs of the Earth

Explore environmental justice as it relates to Latin American rainforests, taking simple steps to fight for justice.

Click Here for COMPLETE Lesson

Instructional Video for Ages 5-6

For Parents
Parent Guide Rainforest (7-13 years)

For Teachers
Teaching Guide




A thriving subculture in Austin, lowriders celebrate this tradition in Chicanx communities.

Click Here for COMPLETE Lesson

Resources for Parents
Lowriders Instructional Video
Lowriders Parent Teaching Guide Ages 5-6 years
Lowriders Parent Teaching Guide Ages 7-13 years

Resources for Teachers
Lowriders Instructional Video
Lowriders Teaching Curriculum Ages 5-6 years
Lowriders Teaching Curriculum Ages 7-13 years

Sugar Skull Making (Day of the Dead)

Sugar Skull Lesson PLansJoin ESB-MACC educators Lori Navarrete, Michelle de Santiago, and Gricelda Silva in a video tutorial on calaveras de azucar, or sugar skulls. The video will tell viewers about the origin of sugar skull making as a way to honor the deceased, as well as a complete recipe for making them and tips on decorating. The final part of the video includes a prerecorded Q & A by students in classrooms all over the U.S. The video was filmed with Nepris, a virtual classroom that broadcasts directly to schools, and was created as a step by step tutorial to coincide with the ESB-MACC's Day of the Dead Festival.

Click here for COMPLETE Lesson 

Sugar Skull Making Video Tutorial 2018
Sugar Skull Making and Paper Flower Making, 2020


Uprooted Dreams (Alebrijes)

Uprooted Dreams Alebrijes

On permanent display at the ESB-MACC is Uprooted Dreams (2012), a site-specific sculptural installation that features over 19 individual, brightly colored woodcarvings. For the artist Margarita Cabrera, the process and product of Uprooted Dreams provides an ongoing platform on which to build respect, equality, solidarity, and dignified ways of making art and creating community. 

Click here for COMPLETE Lesson!

Resources For Parents:
Virtual Gallery
Alebrije Parent Guide
Video Tutorial
Storyboard Activity

Resources For Teachers
Lesson Plans for Teachers: Ages 5-8
Lesson Plans for Teachers: Ages 9-12
Lesson Plans for Teachers: Ages 13-18

Tejano Music History

Tejano Music History: Students will learn the history of Tejano music such as its connection to German folk music (eg. the use of an accordion), and the differences within the genre of Tejano music amongst artists such as Flaco Jiménez and Selena Quintanilla.

Watch the Video!

Download the Lesson Plan!




Arte con BoCCa 2020

Biliteracy Club Communities of Austin (BoCCa) is one of the ESB-MACC's Latino Artist Access Programs (LAAP). BoCCa provides transformative learning spaces that support biliteracy and multiculturalism in creative and innovative ways. BoCCa focuses on a storytelling approach based on Latin American cultural heritage that embraces their linguistically diverse voices and highlights them through the performing arts and the use of digital media. For more information, visit boccaaustin.org/


The Bronze Community Band Project

The Bronze Community Band Project Research Workshop Series

Date and Time TBA

The Bronze Community Band Project, a collaborator with Austin’s Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center, continues their work in 2020. Last year, the Bronze Community Band Project offered a program to research, promote and preserve the bi-musical heritage of the Mexican American community. The program, free and open to the public, involves the research, preservation and presentation of the performance art of this music. This event is open to the pubic and there is no fee to participate. For more information, contact Robert Ojeda at 361-484-2049.

DividerCommunity Garden Workday

Community Garden Workday

Next workday: Sunday, March 21, 12pm-2pm
Learn more about the Healing Garden
Register to volunteer!

Volunteer to maintain the on-site herb garden. Get your hands dirty as you dive into growing and cultivating traditional Mexican healing herbs. This is a great opportunity for those interested in healing with natural herbs, or for anyone with a general interest in gardening, traditional medicine and healing. Volunteer participants receive hands on experience and will share in the harvest. 


 Multicultural/Bilingual Music Lessons, Monday - Thursday 1:30-6:30pm, Bilingual music lessons by appointment

Bilingual Music Lessons with Javier Jara

Date and Time TBA

Javier Jara of the musical group Los Bohemios Perdidos offers music lessons in Guitar/ Voice, Ear Training, Music Theory, and Song Writing. Students will learn Latin American folk songs and rhythms to enhance their multicultural experience, with courses taught at the ESB-MACC. If requested, instruction can be in Spanish exclusively or partially. Contact Javier Jara to register via email at javiertrovador2011@gmail.com, by phone at 512-470-8842, or facebook: Javier Jara Músico.


Tejano Genealogy Society of Austin 

Dates and Times TBA

The Tejano Genealogy Society of Austin (TGSA), established in 1977, fosters excellence in genealogy through educational programs and projects that preserve, produce and disseminate knowledge of genealogical or historical value. TGSA preserves Tejano and Mexican-American heritage by assisting with genealogical research, promoting authors who write about Latinx history, raising awareness of Latinx history in schools and communities, and hosting and attending genealogy conferences, historical events, arranging for guest speakers.


Yoga en Espanol

Yoga en Español

Date and Times TBA

Enjoy a soft and revitalizing Yoga class FREE of charge! Strengthen your physical, mental and emotional bodies achieving great health. Yoga en Español at the ESB-MACC takes place on Saturdays from 10-11am. Age 17+. FREE!  Explore the strengthening practice of yoga, taught in English & Spanish. Email macceducation@austintexas.gov to reserve a spot or register on-site.

DividerCapoeria Classes

Capoeira for All Ages

Dates and Times TBA

Free Capoeira class and open Roda with Instructor Erick Salazar. This is a free class dedicated to the beauty of Capoeira, the Brazilian-African hybrid of dance, music and martial arts which aids children in working on their flexibility, rhythm and developmental coordination. In this class you will learn basic capoeira moves, music, and chants. At the end you will participate in "Open Roda" (Capoeira circle) were you will put in to practice what you have learned. This is an opportunity to experience Capoeira with no pressure, making this experience fun , entertaining and open to families and youth of all ages. No experience required. Wear comfortable clothing!



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