Welcome to WIC!

Thank you for being part of our WIC family! 

Now that you are part of WIC, what comes next?

Grow with WIC. We are excited to be a part of your family until your child turns 5. 

  • Infants and children can stay on WIC until they turn 5.
  • Women who are pregnant receive WIC food benefits until the end of their pregnancy.
  • Women who are fully or partially breastfeeding receive WIC food benefits until their baby is 1-year-old.
  • Women who are breastfeeding some or only formula feeding receive WIC food benefits until their baby is 6-months-old.

Resources for New WIC Families

Download the resources shown below to learn more about programs available to you, your rights and responsibilities, and shopping for WIC foods.

WIC will even help you find other services to make being a mom or dad — and raising amazing kids — a little easier. 

A Guide to Helpful Programs and Services (PDF)

Guia del Usuario Programas y Servicios de Ayuda (PDF)

This guide contains helpful information regarding other programs and services available to WIC clients, such as Texas Health Steps, Medicaid, Child Support Enforcement Services, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Your Guide to Texas WIC   Tu Guia Para WIC de Texas (PDF)

This booklet introduces the Texas WIC program by covering WIC foods, the basics of the WIC card, and how to shop for WIC foods. It also includes a list of referrals to other important programs. 

Your Rights & Responsibilities Card (PDF)

This card describes the benefits and responsibilities clients have on the WIC program.

Your Rights & Responsibilities Card (PDF) Derechos y Responsabilidades (PDF)

This document goes over the benefits and responsibilities clients have on the WIC program.

Healthy Texas Women

Dad's Guide to Fatherhood   Guia Para Padres Hacia la Paternidad 


Pregnancy Resources


WIC is here to support you throughout your pregnancy. We have many resources that include ways to help you have a healthy pregnancy and learn more about breastfeeding. WIC promotes breastfeeding and has multiple ways to support you. However you choose to feed your baby, we are here to help!

For more breastfeeding information, please visit www.texaswic.org 


Shopping for WIC Foods

myTexasWIC Shopping App

Download the shopping app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. With the mobile shopping app, you can scan items at the store to see if they are WIC approved, check your WIC benefits, and view the Texas WIC shopping guide. 

Temporary WIC Foods

To get your family what it needs during these difficult times, Texas WIC has temporarily added more options for the milk, bread, rice, pasta, and eggs that you can buy at the grocery store. Visit Special WIC Food Updates for detailed information. 

Tips for Shopping for WIC Foods

WIC helps you buy many of the healthy foods already on your grocery list. Visit our Shopping for WIC Foods page to learn more. 

Use WIC’s shopping guides to help you shop for WIC foods at the store.