Maintenance Requirements

For the first two years of service following construction, secondary (typically aerobic) and higher level (nitrogen reduction) treatment facilities must be covered by a maintenance contract.

Nitrogen reducing OSSFs and OSSFs proving aerobic treatment and serving commercial properties must be covered by a maintenance contract in perpetuity. Systems providing primary (anaerobic) treatment do not need to be covered by a maintenance contract at anytime. 

OSSF Maintenance Affidavit Forms

  • On-Site Sewage Facility Maintenance Affidavit Form for Residential Users: Adobe PDF
  • On-Site Sewage Facility Maintenance Affidavit Form for Commercial Users: Adobe PDF

Requirements for TCEQ-Licensed Maintenance Providers

Beginning October 1, 2019, TCEQ-licensed maintenance providers who work or wish to work within the City’s jurisdiction for OSSFs must be registered with Austin Water. City registration is free and permanent unless revoked by this office. To register, TCEQ-licensed maintenance providers must complete the Maintenance Providers Registration Form and submit it to this office via e-mail.

Requirements for Homeowners Maintaining their Own System

Homeowners of a single-family owner-occupied residence that have obtained the necessary training and are registered with Austin Water may maintain their own secondary treatment system after the initial two year maintenance contract has expired.

Homeowners looking to mantain their own system must attend TCEQ's training session for licensed maintenance technician, as required by 30 TAC Chapter 30, Section 30.245(b), or obtain equivalent training as determined by the City. To register with the City, a homeowner must complete and submit the Registration Form for Property Owners Maintaining On-Site Sewage Facilities to this office for review and approval.

Homeowners maintaining their own OSSF must record their maintenance activities using the Homeowner Reporting and Testing Record Form. This form may be completed electronically and submitted to Austin Water as an attachment to an e-mail, please see form for more information.