If your right of way (ROW) work is connected to Commercial, Residential, or Stand-Alone Development, this page offers guidance on ROW permitting.  Read "General Considerations" for a detailed breakdown of the ROW requirements as it relates to your development work.

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What type of ROW permits are required for my ROW development work?

All ROW activities must be permitted.  The type of permit needed will depend on the type of work being done.  Commonly required ROW development permits are:

  • Driveway/Sidewalk (DS)
    • For removing, repairing, modifying, or installing sidewalks, driveway approaches, walkways, and/or curb/gutters.
    • If you are closing a sidewalk or driveway in order to work on private property, you will need a Temporary Use of Right of Way Permit.
    • If you are excavating a sidewalk or driveway in order to access the utilities beneath, you will need an Excavation Permit.
  • Excavation (EX)
  • Temporary Use of Right of Way (TURP)
    • For performing any closures of the right of way, unless those closures are already approved under an EX or DS permit.
    • If your work will occur exclusively on private property, in another jurisdiction, or in an easement but traffic control is placed in the City right of way, you will need a TURP.


What else is required for my ROW development work?

Requirements for ROW development work are covered in great detail in our General Considerations document linked above and our other webpages.  In short summary, those requirements include:


Who will approve my ROW development work?

All ROW development work will need to be approved (i.e. permitted) through our Right of Way Management office.  Most ROW development work is connected to a larger project.  These larger projects are approved by the Development Services Department (DSD).  Examples include Site Plan (SP), Site Plan Exemption (DA), Subdivision (C8), Building Permit (BP), General Permit (GP), or General Permit Exemption.

See "Related Links" below for a list of DSD resources. 

Not all work requires DSD approval.  However, some work must be approved by affected City departments or divisions (e.g. Tap Plans are approved by Austin Water).