A tap, simply put, is a literal tap on the main. This main could be either a water or wastewater main which are maintained by Austin Water. Each property that is served or wants to be served has a tap to the property. The Taps Office processes this permit for both residential and commercial customers.

In order to tap the main, upgrade an existing tap, upgrade a meter, cutover from well or septic tank the Taps Office requires a Tap Application to be filed. There is not an application fee, however, several items are needed in order to process the application. These requirements are different for both residential and commercial.


    Domestic, Reclaimed and Irrigation Meters


    Temporary Meters


    General Information


    Taps Office Locations

    • Waller Creek Center: 625 E 10th St, Suite 200 Austin, Texas 78701
    • One Texas Center: 505 Barton Springs Rd, Development Assistance Center 1st floor

    To reach the Taps Office by phone, call 512-972-0000.

    • Stay on the line for English, press 2 for Spanish
    • For Truck or Hydrant Meters press 4 
    • For dillo dirt, discharge tickets, and/or manifest books press 8
    • For a Taps Representative  press 5