Covid-19 Updates

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Based on the Order by the City of Austin and Travis County to “Stay Home, Work Safe”, we have suspended all in-person customer services at both our Waller Creek and One Texas Center facilities. Most of our services are available by email, the Austin Build + Connect portal, and our website. We are working on remote access to our phone system, and an email to will provide a faster response than leaving a voicemail at (512) 972-0000.

A tap, simply put, is a literal tap on the main. This main could be either a water or wastewater main which are maintained by Austin Water. Each property that is served or wants to be served has a tap to the property. The Taps Office processes this permit for both residential and commercial customers.

In order to tap the main, upgrade an existing tap, upgrade a meter, cutover from well or septic tank the Taps Office requires a Tap Application to be filed. There is not an application fee, however, several items are needed in order to process the application. These requirements are different for both residential and commercial.


    Domestic, Reclaimed and Irrigation Meters


    Temporary Meters


    General Information


    Water and Wastewater Tap Cards

    Find Water and Wastewater scanned Tap Cards using the new address search and download database.  

    Taps Office staff is available to assist with any problems you may need assistance with.  Please send an email to to be added to the list and receive login information and instructions

      Residential Water Meter Inspections/Installs

      Check on the status of your residential water meter inspections and installations. The list below shows which service requests have been assigned to a Meter Services Inspector. Meter inspections are generally completed within ten business days of the initiation of the Service Request. An address with an “Assigned” service request may have an inspection completed within three business days, barring unforeseen circumstances.

      Tips for Successful Meter Installation

      Please make sure the meter box is clean, the wooden dowel spacer is sized properly and marked with the service address, and the angle stop and ball valves are in alignment for a successful meter installation.

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