In order to maintain reliable delivery of drinking water to City of Austin customers, The Public Works Department and Austin Water are undertaking two major improvement projects within the Albert R. Davis Water Treatment Plant. These projects will upgrade and replace several electrical and mechanical components of the plant, including constructing a new medium service pump station building and electrical substation building.

In conjunction with the improvement projects, Austin Energy is partnering with Public Works to construct 2,100 linear feet of dual underground electrical feeders to provide a dedicated electrical service upgrade to the plant. The electrical feeders will be routed along West 35th street from Austin Energy’s Warren substation and terminate at the existing plant. 

Construction Time Frame

  1. Medium Service Pump Station Project: Projected Completion: December 2023

  2. Power Distribution Upgrade project: Projected Completion: June 2023

    Dates are projected as accurately as possible, but are subject to change.

Project Summaries 

Medium Service Pump Station project:

  • Construction of a new medium service pump station with a pumping capacity of 60 million gallons of water per day
  • Demolition of the existing medium service pump station building and other associated civil, mechanical and electrical work

Power Distribution Upgrade project:

  • Construction of a new electrical substation building
  • Connection of  upgraded service from Austin Energy and distribution of power to various process areas of the plant

Project Area

Work for this project will be limited to City-owned property at the Davis Water Treatment Plant and part of the buffer area adjacent to the existing fence. 

Neighborhood Impact

  • Construction for these projects is confined within the plant and adjacent City-owned buffer area; impact to neighborhood is expected to be limited.
  • A temporary fence will be installed in the buffer area adjacent to the existing fence to allow for installation of electrical conduit and construction of new structures. 
  • Contractor will adhere to the City's noise ordinance, but typical construction noise can be expected within approved working hours from trucks and equipment.

Community Meetings


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James King, Project Manager, Public Works  

Chris Wolter, Engineer, Austin Water

Emlea Chanslor, Public Information, Austin Water