The Austin Water Utility recognizes the need for water for construction purposes and provides for these needs by issuing tap permits for temporary fire hydrant meters. The meter will be installed on a designated fire hydrant or vehicle owned by the customer.

Customers can apply for a hydrant meter by submitting a Hydrant Meter Application to If you have additional questions, you can visit our website Utility Permitting Office or call 512-972-1000 option 3.

The applicant must:

  • Submit complete application
  • deposit will be included in the first bill; fee varies with meter size.
  • Schedule to have the meter installed
  • Provide a certified backflow prevention device at applicant's cost, or
  • Maintain an unobstructable air gap from the truck piping to the top of the tank
  • Notify the Austin Water Utility of monthly usage
  • Notify the Austin Water Utility when the meter is no longer needed

Specific information regarding approved backflow devices can be accessed here.

Information on the City's fire hydrant ordinance can be accessed here.