Alternative waters in the Water Forward plan include strategies to make use of all water, including rainwater, stormwater, graywater, air conditioning condensate, and wastewater that can be treated and reused to meet non-potable (or non-drinking) water demands.

Implementing Onsite Water Reuse Systems

Water Forward includes a strategy to reduce losses from pipes in the utility’s water distribution system by enhancing Austin Water’s current water loss reduction program. Austin Water is focusing on leak response, leak detection through tried and tested techniques, pilot testing emerging leak detection technologies, and, through its Renewing Austin program, repairing and replacing water mains.  Austin Water is also focusing on validating water treatment plant production meters, conducting a customer meter accuracy study, testing 3-inch and larger meters for accuracy, and executing ongoing meter replacement programs.


Pictured: Alternative Water Ordinances and Incentives


Modifying and Expanding Centralized Reclaimed Water System

Water Forward includes a strategy to require more new developments to connect to the City’s centralized reclaimed water system and includes expansion of the centralized reclaimed water system to meet growing non-drinking water demands in the future. Austin Water will also explore use of decentralized reclaimed systems (also known as distributed wastewater reuse systems) to provide non-potable water in locations where the centralized reclaimed system is not available. 


Direct Non-Potable Reuse (Centralized Reclaimed or Purple Pipe System)