Austin Water’s Standard Products List specifies acceptable manufacturer products for use in the construction of water and wastewater facilities. These products have undergone stringent testing to ensure the safety, reliability and consistency within the Austin Water system.

Austin Water’s Standard Products List is updated quarterly, and previous Standard Product Lists are also available.


Design engineers should confirm that products on the Standard Products List meet their project needs. If the project requires products of different size, material, or design, seek approval from Austin Water for substituted or alternative products.

Contractors should confirm that construction contract documents allow for use of products on the Standard Product List. If the product is not on the Standard Product List, the contractor must submit manufacturer technical data sheets of sufficient detail to adequately describe the product or materials to be used.

To expedite the review of products, contractor submittal reviewers should confirm the product:

  • meets the functional needs of the project
  • is the type specified for use on the project
  • is in the category covered by the Standard Product List
  • manufacturer is listed on the Standard Product List
  • is within the size range listed on the Standard Product List
  • model number, serial number or manufacturer designation is listed
  • meets all requirements in the description on the Standard Product List
  • meets all requirements given in notes on the Standard Product List
  • meets all requirements in the specifications, special provisions, details and construction notes in the project contract documents

For the status of pending approvals, please email: