The Ultimate Guide to AUS: Top Hits

Over the past few weeks, our blog folks teamed up with airport experts and AUS #1 fans to identify the best of the best at AUS – from budget-friendly to-dos to the best Instagram-worthy backdrops and what services are offered for passengers.

We’ve combed through our ‘best of the bests’ blog series and put together the final blog with the best of the best of the best at AUS. Here are our top hits for art, drinks, food, photo backdrops, kid-friendly activities, live music, budget-friendly experiences, and passenger services at AUS.


Rotating Exhibits and Permanent Art

Our terminal is adorned with historic, permanent artwork to fresh artistic takes displayed in our temporary exhibits. Be sure to visit 'True Patriot' by Bruce Wolfe (baggage claim), 'Interimaginary Departures' by Janet Zweig (Gate 14), and 'History of Bergstrom Air Force Base' for a glimpse into our military history (baggage claim).

Outdoor Giants

There’s no limit to artistic expression, especially when you’ve got a tennis courts’ worth of space at an airport. Go by our towering installations, 'Meander Wings' (between the Blue Garage and Car Rental Facility) and 'Plume' (Economy Lots), courtesy of the Art in Public Places program.

Historic AUS

If you’re not observant, you may miss it! 'Green Austin' is one of the oldest art displays we have at AUS, which has been here since our opening in ’99. The series of oil paintings by Jimmy Jalapeeno is located by Checkpoints 2 East and 2 West.

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Hydration and Caffeine Fix

Refresh or perk up with a variety of options of drinks from our hydration stations located throughout the terminal to a cozy cup of coffee from our robot coffee bot, Costa Coffee (Gates 12 and 18), or Medici, an Austin favorite (Gate 9).

Veggie Juices and Smoothies

Get both your food groups in vibrant juices and smoothies from Berry Austin (Gate 17).


For beer, head to Beerdrop (Gate 14).

For cocktails, most of our sit-down restaurants have options. You can’t go wrong with 24 Diner (Gate 11) or Second Bar + Kitchen (Gate 16).

For wine, Vino Volo is your spot on the east (Gate 8) and west (Gate 22).

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It’s no secret that AUS is a haven for food enthusiasts, and our dining options are primarily local, ranging from every meal of the day, breakfast (Juiceland at Gate 17), lunch (ThunderCloud Subs at Gate 30) and dinner (Salt Lick BBQ at Gate 22).

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Keeping Busy in the Terminal

Entertain your ball of energy with interactive art installations, sweet treats from Toy Joy and Yummi Joy (Gate 11), or a visit to the Lego Vending Machine (across from Gate 15).

Tips for Parents

Plan ahead, pack snacks and activities, and don't forget to take breaks. With thoughtful amenities like the "quiet room" (2nd floor across from Gate 16) and "Parents on the Go Vending" (Gate 9), we strive to make your family's airport experience comfortable and enjoyable.

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6 days a week, you can enjoy live music performances from local artists at our various stages. From the Asleep at the Wheel mainstage (Gate 19) to the intimate settings at Vino Volo (Gate 8), every stage offers a unique musical experience and artistic expression.

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Even before your trip, our airport is known for offering lower than average airfares, and once here, our Economy Lots offer a cheaper option to park among other things. Here are more wise words from finance folks about how to stretch a dollar at AUS.

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Sunflower Lanyard Program to Trash Recycling

We prioritize passenger satisfaction with a range of services including the Sunflower Lanyard Program for passengers with hidden disabilities and convenient amenities like trash, recycling, and composting bins. We hope to make your airport experience comfortable and enjoyable.

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With some of the most unique and distinguishable backdrops known to airport-kind like a huge “Deep in the heart of Texas” graffiti wall or neon signs boasting “Live music capital of the world,” AUS is where you can make your mark on Insta.

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