Water Forward’s guiding principles include continuing Austin’s focus on water conservation and water use efficiency. The Water Forward plan includes a robust set of strategies to conserve water and make our buildings and landscapes more water efficient.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (My ATX Water)

To help reduce leaks on the customer side, Water Forward includes a strategy to implement Advanced Metering Infrastructure technology to alert customers to potential leaks and to help them manage their water consumption in close to real time. Austin Water began implementing Advanced Metering Infrastructure in 2020 through the My ATX Water Program.

Pictured: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) - Austin's Smart Water Meter System

Expanding Conservation Rebates, Programs, and Tools

Water Forward includes a strategies to expand several existing Austin Water rebate programs, including programs to assist customers with the costs of “smart” controllers that help to make irrigation systems more efficient and current incentives to existing development to install water-efficient landscapes. The plan also includes a strategy to develop an ordinance to require water efficient landscapes for new single-family homes. To achieve efficient water use for many different types of development, the plan includes a strategy to develop benchmarks and water budgets that would initially encourage and eventually require customers to meet water usage targets.

Pictured: Landscape Transformation Incentives and Ordinances

Utility-Side Water Loss Control

Water Forward includes a strategy to reduce losses from pipes in the utility’s water distribution system by enhancing Austin Water’s current water loss reduction program. Austin Water is focusing on leak response, leak detection through tried and tested techniques, pilot testing emerging leak detection technologies, and, through its Renewing Austin program, repairing and replacing water mains.  Austin Water is also focusing on validating water treatment plant production meters, conducting a customer meter accuracy study, testing 3-inch and larger meters for accuracy, and executing ongoing meter replacement programs.