Lock-in the Best Wastewater Rate

Wastewater averaging takes place during the late fall/winter months and coincides with seasonal low water use, when many households naturally cut back on irrigation, filling pools, washing cars, and other outside water uses.

Since your wastewater average is calculated when your water use is typically lowest, you’ll receive the best possible fixed monthly wastewater fee. It won’t go up - regardless of how much water you use the rest of the year.

Learn about Wastewater Averaging

Ever wonder how Austin Water calculates how much you are billed for wastewater? This helpful video explains wastewater averaging, how we calculate it and what you can do to make sure you receive the best fixed monthly wastewater rate possible.


Find your Wastewater Averaging Period 

Remember to do your part, conserve water and lock-in the best wastewater rate possible. Simply cut back on outside water use during your (three-month) wastewater averaging period. 

Residential Customers

To calculate your wastewater average you must have at least 60 consecutive days of water use with a minimum of 100 gallons used per billing period.

If less than 100 gallons is billed for two or more months of the averaging period, the wastewater average will be set at a default of 5,000 gallons.

Non-residential Customers

New non-Residential customers wastewater averaging is determined by:

  • Previous non-residential customer’s wastewater average, or
  • Gallon for gallon

Frequently Asked Questions

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