As the City of Austin system continues to grow, the Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) creates and updates plans across the city by engaging the community to identify needs and preferences. Once the plan is completed, the PARD Development divisions are guided by the plan as the park or facility is turned from a plan into a reality. The plans on this page have been completed and are in the process of being developed.

Below are the active plans that are currently in varying stages of development. For a list of terms and definitions, click here. Please note: In 2020, PARD shifted away from the use of "master plan" to describe park and facility plans. The list below uses the new term. However, the final document may reflect the term that was used at the time it was approved.

Our Parks, Our Future: Long Range Plan

Park Plans

Metropolitan Parks

District Parks

Neighborhood and Pocket Parks

Other Parks and Locations

Facility Plans

Cemetery Site Plans

Other Plans, Guiding Documents, Studies, Reports