Public Works Department

Well-Built, Well-Maintained, Well-Being for All

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The City of Austin's Public Works Department designs, manages, and inspects major capital improvement projects; promotes bicycle, pedestrian, safe routes to school, and urban trail projects; and maintains the City's network of trails, roadways, and bridges once they are built. The Neighborhood Partnering Program provides opportunities for community and neighborhood organizations to effect public improvements by sharing in the costs of those efforts with the City of Austin government.

Capital Project Delivery

Capital Project Delivery manages the City of Austin's capital projects through all phases of design, construction, and inspection. Projects range from roads and water/wastewater infrastructure, to new fire stations and community centers.

Neighborhood Partnering Program

Through the Neighborhood Partnering Program Austin residents can partner with the City to enhance the places they live, work, and play. Through cost sharing or grant matching, community groups can receive assistance on projects located on City-owned land.

Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School Program helps students choose human power to get to school. Through crossing guards, education, outreach, and infrastructure projects, the Program aims to make sure elementary and middle school students across Austin can walk, bike, and roll safely.

Sidewalks and Special Projects

The Sidewalks Program repairs old and installs new sidewalks. The Americans with Disabilities Act is a driving factor in making sure that the right-of-way along Austin's streets are safe and accessible for all.

Street and Bridge Operations

Street and Bridge manages and maintains public right-of-way infrastructure including streets, bridges, sidewalks, guardrails, trees and vegetation. The five divisions patch potholes, resurface streets, repair utility cuts, maintain the City’s medians, right-of-way maintenance on trees, and respond after storms.

Urban Trails Program

The Urban Trails Program builds, promotes, and maintains Austin’s urban trails with the goal of helping people of all ages and abilities travel from one end of the city to another in a safe and healthy way.