The City of Austin Development Services Department reviews and approves development-related building and land permits. Below is a summary of these types of permits and links to more information about each. For a more detailed list of specific permits or services, visit our Directory of Services.


Commercial Building Permits

Building permits for new construction and remodels of commercial and multi-family buildings. The project's scope will determine what type of review may be required before a permit may be issued.


Residential Building Permits

Building permits for new construction, additions, or interior remodeling of single-family, duplex, two-family houses, and accessory dwelling buildings on one lot. The project's scope will determine what type of review may be required before a permit may be issued. 


Expedited Building Plan Review (Residential and Commercial)

The Expedited Building Plan Review program is a premium service that accelerates the building plan review and permit process by holding a single review session with a full team of experienced plan reviewers and the applicant’s design team.


Standalone Building and Trade Permits 

The Service Center issues various standalone building permits and trade permits (electrical, mechanical, plumbing).


Demolition / Relocation Permits

For permits involving demolition and/or relocation; also information on the new Demolition Notification Tool for tracking demolition applications.


Land Development Permits

Permits for land use, site plans, subdivisions, general permit utilities, hazardous materials, underground storage, Barton Springs Operating Zone.


Tree Permits

The City Arborist Program is responsible for issuing tree permits to remove or construct within proximity of a protected or heritage tree for residential & commercial properties. These regulations are designed to balance re-forestation and preservation to achieve the best long-term benefit for the community.


Business-Related Permits

Alcoholic beverage, signs, outdoor advertising, outdoor music venue, mobile retail establishments, and temporary events.