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Service Online Phone Contact

Swimming pool or spa inspections

Public and semi-public pools and spas must be inspected and issued a permit. Complete a Permit and Plan Review Application or call 512-978-0300 for more information.

512-978-0300 Health

Taxicab franchising

Need to apply for taxicab business franchising? View criteria needed for taxicab franchising and submit a Taxicab Franchising Application.

3-1-1 Transportation

Technical criteria manuals

The City of Austin's technical criteria manuals are available online through the Municode website.

3-1-1 City Clerk

Temporary supplemental limousine permit

Complete and submit a Temporary Supplemental Vehicle Permit Application to report a temporary supplemental vehicle.

3-1-1 Transportation

Transportation partners

The Austin Transportation Department is one of several governmental departments and agencies responsible for building, maintaining, and planning transportation in Austin. Here is a list of our partners and a little bit about what they do.

512-974-1150 Transportation

Tuberculosis testing

 The tuberculosis clinic provides evaluation and treatment of clients for latent and active TB disease.

512-972-5460 Health

Unclaimed property

Public Notice of Unclaimed Property

Valued between $10 - $100.00

Every year various departments of the City of Austin report unclaimed cash and valuables, from uncashed checks, deposits, refunds, overpayments or any other transactions creating a credit balance. This property is presumed abandoned and is subject to Chapter 76 of the Title 6, Unclaimed Property Texas Property Code.

It's Your Money

Look for your name or your business name in this notice. If the City of Austin is holding Property belonging to you, the Treasurer of the City of Austin wants to help you get your property back.

Property belonging to you will continue to be held until you claim it. Whenever an owner wants to claim the property, the owner must present proof of the claim to the City of Austin Treasurer, and establish the right to receive the property.

By addressing an inquiry to the City of Austin Treasurer, any person possessing a legal or beneficial interest in the reported property may obtain information concerning the amount of property. It's never too late to make contact.

Steps to Claim your Property

Step 1:

View the Unclaimed Property Name List and search for your name.

Step 2:

Contact the Treasurer, Unclaimed Property Section either by mail, by phone, or in person, with the following information:

Owner name exactly as spelled in the listing.
Current addresses, in order to mail a response. (Please allow for 30 days.)
All previous addresses for the past five years, including Post Office Boxes.
Social Security Number of the person listed.
Daytime, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. phone number.

By U.S. Mail:

City of Austin
Unclaimed Property Section
P.O. Box 2106
Austin, Texas 78768

By Phone:


In Person:

City of Austin
919 Congress Ave, Suite 1250 (NOTE: NEW ADDRESS)
Regular Business Days
Hours (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Step 3:

If you have unclaimed property, obtain download the appropriate claim form or contact the Treasurer Office by mail, phone, or in person using the information listed above. The forms are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format. Be sure to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer before downloading.

Enter your information with your keyboard by clicking on the first yellow box, and tabbing through the rest of the form. Once you are finished, print the form and go on to the next step. You can also print the form to hand write your information.

Claim Form A - Original Owner Claim Form
Claim Form B - Business Owner Claim Form
Claim Form C - General Claim Form

Step 4:

After you have received and filled out the formal claim form, submit the claim to the City of Austin to the address shown above.

Please check the form to ensure the following have been provided:

The claim form is completed, as requested by every line.
Copies of identification and proof of ownership are attached.
The claim form is signed with your full signature.

Should questions arise while processing your claim, a Claims Examiner will contact you either by phone or letter.

With accurate information and no complications, your claim may be processed and a check mailed in 60 to 90 days.

5129741384 Finance

Vehicle immobilization (booting)

The State of Texas allows municipalities to regulate booting, as long as local regulations meet certain minimum requirements. Complete an application for vehicle immobilization service.

Find additional information at these links:

3-1-1 Transportation

Vendor assistance

Do you have questions about becoming a City vendor? Visit Austin Finance Online's Vendor Help page to access additional information and receive help.

512-974-2500 Finance

Veterans' preference in employment process

Human Resources provides a standardized method by which veterans who do not currently work for the City of Austin may receive special consideration in the interview process. See the Veterans Service Office webpage for more information.

3-1-1 Human Resources

View City contact information

How to contact the City, including departmental addresses and phone numbers. 

3-1-1 Austin 3-1-1

View City contracts

Search active contracts by vendor, commodity code, or keyword. 

311 Finance

View City transparency initiatives

View City transparency initiatives including information about open meetings, Council filings, campaign finance filings, and more. 

3-1-1 Austin 3-1-1

View media and reporter resources

The Media Center is a central hub of information for Austin residents and media about the City of Austin, designed to help keep our community informed and involved in City government.

512-974-2220 Austin 3-1-1

View open data

The City of Austin's Open Data Portal provides easy access to open data and information about your City government. We encourage the use of this public data to spark innovation, promote public collaboration, increase government transparency, and inform decision making.

3-1-1 Austin 3-1-1

View or report power outages

Check the Austin Energy Outage Map to see if an outage has been reported. Click the search icon and type your address in the search field to locate your neighborhood.

512-322-9100 Austin Energy

View small business resources

Business training, educational events, and coaching to empower entrepreneurs. View all small business resources.

512-974-7800 Economic Growth

View the City Council district map

The City of Austin has 10 single-member Council districts. Use this map to find your district by address or find and zoom into any district by number. 

3-1-1 City Council

View the City Council message board

Any communications posted on the City Council Message Board will be retained for a minimum of 6 years.

512-974-2210 City Clerk

View the City's Strategic Direction plan

The Austin City Council adopted a strategic direction on March 8, 2018, guiding the City of Austin for the next three to five years. Austin Strategic Direction 2023 outlines a shared vision and six priority Strategic Outcomes.

3-1-1 Austin 3-1-1