During the subdivision and site plan review phase, your reviewer may ask you to file an Easement or Restrictive Covenant document related to your application. If requested, the reviewer will inform you which Easement or Restrictive Covenant must be completed and returned to your reviewer prior to execution and recording. If you have any questions about completing the form, please contact your City reviewer for assistance. If you have any questions about the templates, please contact Annette Bogusch, Legal Program Specialist, at 512-974-6483.


  1. Please prepare each requested City of Austin standard Easement or Restrictive Covenant which is in Word format.
  2. Please provide the following required documents in addition to your Easement or Restrictive Covenant:
  • Appropriately labeled metes and bounds and sketch of the Easement Tract.
  • An Ownership and Lien search that is current within 30 days from a third-party title company.
  • Either an Affidavit of No Liens or Lienholder’s Consent form.
  • After Recording Return to page.

Drainage Easements

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Easements

General Documents Needed for All Easements and Restrictive Covenants

Mobility Easements

Park Easements

Public Utilities Easements

Restrictive Covenants

Water Line Easements

Wastewater Lines Easements

Water Lines and Wastewater Lines Easements

Legal Transmittal Sheet