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View applications, checklists, and associated packets for the Development Services Department.

Note: Some applications may not reflect newly adopted fees. Please refer to the DSD Fees webpage to determine the correct fees.

Alarm Administration

The City of Austin has adopted laws regulating the operation of alarm systems. The City requires an alarm permit for each residence or business operating an alarm system in the Austin Police Department's jurisdiction. The City of Austin Development Services Department administers the Alarm Permit Ordinance. For more information, visit the Alarm Administration webpage.

Board of Adjustment

The City of Austin Board of Adjustment (BOA) hears and decides on requests for variances (or modifications) of Zoning site development regulations, off-street parking requirements, and sign regulations, It also hears and decides appeals of administrative actions under Chapter 25-2 (Zoning) in the City of Austin Land Development Code. The BOA consists of members appointed by the Austin City Council. For more information, visit the Board of Adjustment Support webpage


The City of Austin's Building Technical Codes (Chapter 25-12) contain Building, Electric, Fire, Property Maintenance, Mechanical, Plumbing, Residential, and Solar Energy regulations. For more information, visit the Building Technical Codes webpage

Energy Code

Residential Code

Commercial Building Plan Review

The Commercial Building Plan Review Division reviews and approves commercial and multi-family plans for new construction, remodels, revisions to approved permits, changes of use, and certificates of occupancy/compliance. For more information, visit the Commercial Building Plan Review webpage.


Supplementary Forms

Review Aids

Commercial Plan Review Checklists (for reference purposes)

Easement and Restrictive Covenant Templates

During the subdivision and site plan review phase, your reviewer may ask you to file an Easement or Restrictive Covenant document related to your application. If requested, the reviewer will inform you which Easement or Restrictive Covenant must be completed and returned to your reviewer before execution and recording. If you have questions about completing the form, please contact your City reviewer for assistance. If you have questions about the templates, please contact Annette Bogusch, Legal Program Specialist, at 512-974-6483.

General Instructions:

  1. Please prepare each requested City of Austin standard Easement or Restrictive Covenant in Word format.
  2. Please provide the following required documents in addition to your Easement or Restrictive Covenant:
  • Appropriately labeled metes and bounds and a sketch of the Easement Tract.
  • An Ownership and Lien search that is current within 30 days from a third-party title company.
  • Either an Affidavit of No Liens or a Lienholder’s Consent form.
  • An "After Recording Return To" page with name and address.

Drainage Easements

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Easements

General Documents Needed for All Easements and Restrictive Covenants

Legal Transmittal Sheet

Mobility Easements

Park Easements

Parkland Improvement and Maintenance Agreement

Public Utilities Easements

Residential Documents

Restrictive Covenants

Water Line Easements

Wastewater Lines Easements

Water Lines and Wastewater Lines Easements

Entertainment Services (Sound, Alcohol, Temporary Use)
Fiscal Surety

The Fiscal Surety Office accepts, monitors, and releases fiscal surety payments for improvements to environmental, health, safety controls, and public infrastructure. The amount of fiscal surety posted shall equal the estimated cost for the City to do the work for which the fiscal was required. For more information visit the Fiscal Surety webpage.

General Permit

 A program was established to expedite the development review, permitting, and construction of administrative site plans for City Departments and City of Austin Franchised Utilities located on city properties, city easements, and/or public right-of-way. For more information visit the General Permit webpage.



Building Inspection

The Building Inspection Division (BID) performs inspections on new construction, remodels, and trades (electrical, mechanical, plumbing) to ensure compliance with applicable building codes. For more information, visit the Building Inspections webpage.

Commercial Inspection Checklists
Residential Inspection Checklists

Environmental Inspection

The Austin Environmental Inspection Division performs inspections on permitted sites to ensure temporary and permanent erosion controls, stormwater controls, critical environmental features, trees and natural areas protection, landscape installation, and other relevant features to comply with approved site plan requirements. For more information visit the Environmental Inspections webpage

Site and Subdivision Inspection 

The Site and Subdivision Inspection Division perform inspections of site work for commercial development in the right-of-way before building construction begins. For more information visit the Commercial Site and Subdivision Inspections webpage.

Special Event Temporary Structure Inspection

For more information on tent permits visit the Austin Center for Events tent webpage.

Land Development Information Services

The Land Development Information Services (LDIS) team provides land use consultations and related services for the community while also providing technical support for various disciplines in the review process. For more information visit the Land Development Information Services webpage.

Land Management

Land Management is now part of the Transportation and Public Works Department. The Land Management team assists customers with obtaining rights for the use of City right-of-way and easements (streets, sidewalks, alleys, public utilities) through a variety of means depending on the project. For more information, visit the Land Management webpage

Licenses and Registration

Boat Dock Registration (PDF - 5/17/24) document download icon

Regulation Determination/Land Use Review

The Regulatory Policy and Administration division reviews vested rights petitions submitted under Land Development Code Chapter 25-1, Article 12, and Chapter 245 of the Texas Local Government Code. For more information visit the Land Use Review webpage

Residential Building Plan Review

The Residential Building Plan Review Division reviews new construction, additions, interior remodeling, and demolition of single-family, duplex, or two-family houses and/or accessory buildings on one lot. For more information, visit the Residential Building Plan Review webpage.

Guide to Residential Plan Review Applications

  • Residential Zoning Application Guidelines (PDF - 7/11/24) Download Icon
    This guide gives step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the New Construction & Addition Permit Application.  The information can also be used to fill out all other Residential Permit Applications.  Please review this document when filling out the permit application.   

Applications for Residential Plan Review

Supplementary Forms for Residential Plan Review 

Aids for Residential Plan Review

Residential Plan Review Checklists (for reference purposes)

Stand-Alone Building and Trade Permits

The Building and Trade Contractor Services registers contractors and homeowners for permit assignment, links registrations with the AB+C Portal, activates approved permits, issues standalone trade permits, processes requests for permit modifications, issues Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, and manages related billing and escrow accounts. For more information, visit the Building and Trade Contractor Services Webpage.


The City of Austin requires a Sign Permit for outdoor signage as stated in the Land Development Code. Visit the Sign Permit webpage to assist you with determining your sign district, what the submission requirements are, how to apply for Austin sign permits, and how to request more information.

Site Plan

Site plan applications are reviewed for compliance with Austin's development regulations as provided in the Land Development Code. For more information, visit the Site Plans, Exemptions, and Corrections webpage.

New checklist and application for Consolidated Site Plan Completeness Check now required

  • Completeness Check Application: As of May 16, 2024, the new Consolidated Site Plan Completeness Check Application is required. This application replaces the Consolidated Site Plan Application previously in use.
  • Completeness Check Checklist: As of May 16, 2024, the new Consolidated Site Plan Completeness Check Checklist is required.

These changes were made as part of the Transforming Site Plan Review initiative. Learn more in the May 1 update on Transforming Site Plan Review.

Site Plan Completeness Check Applications:

Site Plan Formal Application:


Subdivision applications are reviewed for compliance with Austin's development regulations as provided in the Land Development Code. For more information, visit the Subdivision Review webpage.

Volume Builder

The Volume Builder Program is an optional expedited review process that enables volume builders to receive a faster turnaround on residential permit applications for new construction. For more information, visit the Volume Builder webpage.


Zoning establishes the types of land uses permitted on a parcel of land within the City of Austin's full or limited purpose jurisdiction. Zoning also sets the development standards for a site, such as building height, setbacks, floor-to-area ratio, neighborhood compatibility, screening, landscaping, and impervious cover limitations. For more information, visit the Zoning Resources & Site Regulations webpage.