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The City of Austin has adopted laws regulating the operation of alarm systems. The City of Austin requires an alarm permit for each residence or business that operates an alarm system in the Austin Police Department jurisdiction. The Alarm Permit Ordinance is administered by the City of Austin Development Services Department. 

The Austin Center for Events is a collaborative assembly of agencies designed to streamline special event permitting on public and private property. ACE is anchored by teams from Transportation, Parks, Music, Police, Fire, EMS, Code, ARR, Development Services and partner agencies, and works closely with event organizers to guide them through the permitting process.

Building Plan Review is responsible for reviewing and approving Residential and Commercial building plans for compliance with applicable codes and regulations. Once a building plan is approved, a building permit is issued by the Service Center, along with applicable trade permits (electrical, mechanical, plumbing & irrigation). Depending on the type of work that is permitted, building inspections may be required during construction. Once the permitted work is completed, a final inspection is required.

The Community Tree Preservation Division administers the City's Tree regulations by performing tree reviews, permitting, and inspections, and implements the Urban Forest Master Plan. The Division serves to cultivate a relationship between Austin residents and their trees by fostering a resilient community forest accomplished through an interconnected mix of regulations, outreach, planning, and community partnerships.

The Service Center provides permit payment services and issues applicable trade permits (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, irrigation), "stand-alone" trade permits (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, irrigation) that are not tied to a building permit and registers homeowners, general contractors, and licensed contractors (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and irrigation) to perform work.

The Development Assistance Center (DAC) provides development consulting services and business-related permitting services. They will answer your questions and make sure you are knowledgeable about the procedures and requirements that apply to your project.

The Development Process Team helps homeowners and small businesses navigate the development process. The Development Process Team answers questions about permits and City Code, connects customers with technical experts across the City, and offers helpful tools and resources for customers who may be less familiar with the permitting and development process. 

The Expedited team includes specialized reviewers that represent the following review disciplines: Building, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electric, Structure, Fire, Health, Industrial Waste, Arborist and Zoning. Applicants and their consultants will attend a pre-scheduled, single-review session with the Expedited team ready to make on-the-spot decisions and changes as needed. Contractors and owners will be encouraged to attend the review session. If the plans meet the respective codes and ordinances, permits can be issued following the review session.

The Fiscal Surety Office accepts, monitors, and releases fiscal surety payments for improvements to environmental, health, safety controls, and public infrastructure.

General Permits are a specific type of site development review, permitting and inspection process for City of Austin Departments and Franchised Utilities. General Permits allow infrastructure improvements, maintenance and new installations on City of Austin owned property or within easements dedicated to the City of Austin.

Growth Watch tracks the trends in development by watching new site plans, subdivisions and permits and tracking those. Emerging Projects shows some of the prominent projects in planning or construction phases in and around Austin.

Information on building inspections, commercial site and subdivision inspections, environmental inspections, and utlitiy cut inspections performed by the Development Services Department.

The Land Management team assists customers with obtaining rights for the use of City right-of-way and easements (streets, sidewalks, alleys, public utilities) through a variety of means depending on the project. These include license agreements (for streetscapes, retention systems, and tower cranes), easement releases, right-of-way encroachments, and right-of-way vacations.

The Land Use Review Division reviews and permits site plan and subdivision applications for compliance with Chapters 25 and 30 of the Land Development Code. 

The Development Services Department (DSD) issues other types of permits for other City Departments

The City of Austin requires commercial establishments that use sound equipment outdoors to obtain an Outdoor Music Venue Permit (OMV). 

The City of Austin offers a variety of permit programs for businesses that would like to offer outdoor seating or retail options for their customers, including sidewalk cafes, street patios, and parking lot patios. 

Small Cell facilities are low-powered antennas that provide cellular and data coverage to smaller geographic areas, supplementing the larger cellular network and improving service for wireless customers.

Water Quality/Drainage Reviewers in the Land Use Division perform pre-construction review for water quality and drainage for site plans and subdivision plans to assure compliance with the Land Development Code.